Giselle Guzman, Ph.D., FRM


Giselle Guzman, PhD, FRM, is Founder & CEO of   Economic Alchemy LLC and Now-Cast® Corp. 

Now-Cast® Corp. is a Big Data analytics company.   The Now-Cast® system combines Big Data, machine learning, and sophisticated econometrics to solve what is known as the “rear-view mirror” problem, whereby the current condition of the economy is unknown due to long data reporting lags in government economic data.

An economist and entrepreneur, Dr. Guzman completed her PhD in Finance & Economics at Columbia University under the guidance of Nobel Prize winning economists Lawrence Klein (UPenn) and Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia). Her dissertation was on the topic of expectations and sentiment applied to economic forecasting and empirical asset pricing. She earned a BA in Economics (Columbia), an MBA in Finance (UPenn), and an MPhil & PhD in Finance & Economics (Columbia).

Dr. Guzman is a GARP-certified Financial Risk Manager and has worked in various research and trading capacities in asset management and the financial services industry.

Now-Cast® and Nowcast® are registered trademarks of Economic Alchemy LLC.

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